Six agencies in synergy

FSB is an agency focusing on the conception and production of fashion and luxury
events and experiences. We develop creative formats, original productions and
new types of storytelling designed to elevate every aspect of the brand experience.

The Airline is an agency specializing in the conception and production of events, activation, conventions and incentives for beauty, design, F&B, automotive and lifestyle.

Ready2Fly is a digital communications agency offering consulting and support
services in digital marketing, digital ADV and Web3. Specializing in fashion,
lifestyle, beauty and design, we develop 360-degree digital strategies, including
content creation, social planning, digital ADVs and Metaverse.

Take Off is a creative content studio specializing in the conception and production of photographic, audio-video and art direction content in fashion, luxury and lifestyle. Thanks to our in-house team and an international network of photographers, directors, writers and producers, we are able to cover every stage of the work: from concept to post-production, from artistic supervision to shooting and recording, for any platform.

Pilot Room is a new concept Press & PR agency that combines press office services with extensive offerings in digital PR, influencer marketing and talent management. Our international network allows us to offer customized strategies for each brand, especially in luxury, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and design areas.

Red-Eye is the first magazine in the Metaverse: a metazine exploring the future of Art, Fashion and, in general, of our Planet. Articles, galleries and experiential interviews to give voice to the community of innovators working on virtual reality, extended worlds, sustainable lifestyles, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.